Sunday: Breaking of Bread

1st & 3rd Sunday of each month
Friends & Family Service

2nd & 4th Sunday of each month
Good News Service

5th Sunday of the month - Praise night (Check Venue on Speakers page)


Kids Club for
young people (Primary School-


Youth Club for Secondary School

age group


Prayer & Bible Teachinng


Apart from the age restriction for

the Wednesday Club, visitors are

especially welcome on any of

these occasions.














8.05 -

9.20 pm



  Seating arranged for the Breaking of Bread

This meeting is often referred to as the Remembrance,

and visitors are invited to sit at this end of the Hall

and witness what takes place.

They are supplied with hymnbooks to follow the singing,

and listen to those already enrolled in the church

expressing their thoughts in worship to God.

The primary purpose is for those in the church to

remember the life,death, and resurrection of the

Lord Jesus in the breaking of bread and pouring of

the cup of wine, and after partaking of these

symbols of the body and blood of Jesus to offer

spontaneous worship and praise in word and song.